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Mix for 'Diamonds, a Club, and a Couple of Hearts' by florahart

I snagged this fic right away, because nothing makes me happier than a well-crafted AU. The ability to bring the personalities and quirks of the characters into a different setting, but have them still be themselves is fantastic. In celebration of florahart's fantastic story, I created a playlist of baseball classics and songs in the spirit of the fic.

Diamonds, a Club, and a Couple of Hearts by florahart
Jim Kirk is a hotshot new shortstop in the Constitution League. His team is young, but they have a lot of potential, and oh by the way, the team doctor? Is hot.
NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, 23,500 words

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Many thanks to lauriegilbert and aoibhe for being my musical sounding boards and to florahart for writing such a fantastic fic!

Enjoy the rest of the Big Bang!
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